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Yoga…the Key to Your Best Run

Yoga…the Key to Your Best Run

Just place one foot in front of the other.

I’ve repeated that phrase many times in my life during a race.  When my legs ache, feel heavy or I’m just tired.  That phrase has gotten me through till I start to feel better or the finish line comes into view.

Just like a well-timed motivational phrase can get your through a tough race, so too can a well placed workout.

To cross the finish-line of any running race, most people know they have to train by running.  They also assume, even if its often the part they rush through, that they should stretch after a run.  But what they don’t think about is how the body needs to balance, maintain stability and mobility throughout their run to cross the finish-line feeling strong and injury free.

At some point, whether walking or running, your entire body is balancing on one leg, one ankle, one foot.  

At some point, all core muscles are keeping your body stable and decreasing the chance of rotation, as you balance completely on that one foot.  

At some point, all the small muscles around your ankle, knee and hip are contracting to keep you moving forward, but to maintain mobility within those joints, as well as your spine.

Wow!  Who would have thought!  And you said you weren’t coordinated!

However, those 3 things: balance, core stability and joint mobility, are often overlooked in a run training program.

The great part, is it doesn’t take a separate workout for each of these to see results in your run.  (Phew!!!)


A twice a week yoga workout that focuses on ankle, knee, hip mobility, as well as core stability and balance can have you achieving ALL these things, while feeling more flexible, toned and stronger!  Now that’s a 20 minute payoff that’s worth it!  

Give this Runner’s Yoga Workout a tryhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VGL-NToJwQ


Completed twice a week, you’ll see the benefits in your run, as well as in your balance, muscle tone and flexibility.

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