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Easy Peasy Spring Time Veggies

Easy Peasy Spring Time Veggies! Spring is in the air! Ok, it might be cold and rainy where you are, but I promise spring is here….or at least that’s what the local farmers markets are telling me! I love spring time produce. It’s light, delicious and oh so colorful, meaning it’s loaded with healthful antioxidants!Continue Reading

Why Thinking “I Deserve It” Can Get You In Trouble

But I “DESERVE” it! By Jocelyn Martin Its been a long day.  You’re tired, frustrated and just want to forget about the day or week you had.  The last thing you’re thinking about are your health, weight and fitness goals.  As a matter of fact a cold beer, glass of wine, a slice of cake,Continue Reading

What is the Best Diet for You?

What is the best diet for you? Here’s my secret….it’s the one that works! Get a group of women in a room and they will each have a different eating style, metabolism, family history, hormonal balance (no jokes any well meaning men, you know we hate it!), exercise habits, etc. So no one diet isContinue Reading