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A Workout Plan For The Busy Woman

A Workout Plan For The Busy Woman

The Holiday season is upon us and regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan or Kwanzaa, the time between November and December can be hectic.  And that’s an understatement!

Holiday stress for Busy Women

In addition to the daily responsibilities of life there are parties, decorating, wrapping, shopping, extra cooking or baking, additional church services, shipping, hiding the wrapped gifts from snooping kids or husbands, phone calls to arrange family visits and on top of it all…..the kids are off of school!!!!  Oh no!

All of this is enough to make the most organized mom go crazy from the stress of it all.  And stress is the biggest destructor of health.  Stress leads to weight gain, insomnia, a weakened immune system, depression, a shortened temper and worse of all, it makes it almost IMPOSSIBLE to enjoy the season, time with family and time together.

How do I survive it all?

Shhhhh…..I let my workouts slide.  Yup, you heard that right!  

I cut my workouts in half.  Spending more time doing relaxing exercise rather than high intensity workouts.  My workouts take 20 -30 minutes to complete and leave me energized and ready to tackle the day.


Exercise is stressful on the body.  It takes proper sleep and nutrition to repair the muscle breakdown and hormonal release from high intensity exercise.  During the holidays, when I’m already working over-time in Mommy mode, I need all my reserves to get things done.  I don’t want to risk being sick, cranky or tired during the holidays with my family.  So I take it easier on the exercise.

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s I go easy.  I still do something, but its a much lower intensity and of a shorter time commitment than what I normally do.  You’d think I would gain weight right?  Wrong!  By taking care of my body and not continuing to stress it out with over eating or intense exercise, my body has a chance to recharge, relax and renew its energy stores.

What do I do?  

Here’s what a typical week of workouts looks like for me during that time.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


20 minute walk

20 minutes yoga 30 minute strengthening 20 minute walk 20 minute yoga 30 minute strengthening

20 minute walk


The walks allow me to enjoy nature, a snow fall, a sunny winter day or a hike with the family (notice how they fall on weekends!).  Studies have shown that additional sunlight (Vitamin D) and connections with family, friends or nature during the holidays can lift spirits and prevent depression.

Here are video links to the yoga and strengthening workouts I complete.



Both energize and tone the whole body in a time efficient manner.  They can be completed anywhere, so even if I’m traveling I can do my workout in a spare bedroom or hotel room.  And since the workouts are short, the family doesn’t miss me and I get in my mood boosting workout!

The key to working out over the holidays are workouts that challenge you, but de-stress and energize you, so you can power through your to do list.  Workouts that lift your mood, so you can make memories with your family.  And move your body without stressing it out, after all, we all know there is more than enough stress to go around during the holiday season!

Give these workouts a try and share your favorite workout with me that lifts your mood and keeps your stress level down during the holidays!

Then come back and comment here on how it went!

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