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4 Steps to Setting Goals the Get Results…Every Time!

4 Steps to Setting Goals the Get Results…Every Time!


Its the ending of another year and as such many of us take time to reflect on the year that past.  What were my favorite memories?  Who did I spend time with?  Did I accomplish my goals?  Am I further ahead today than I was a year ago?  Was I a good mother, wife, friend…?

I have a lot to be thankful for this past year.  A new home that I love.  Wonderful new neighbors that are becoming wonderful new friends.  A business that has grown by 300%.  A church that we have become active members of on a regular basis.  More time with extended family.  The girls growing up knowing their cousins and seeing them on a regular basis.  Our health.

But as I reflect on those things, I’m also incredibly sad and disappointed.  The things I’m most thankful for, don’t do a good job of representing my values or where I want to be spending my time…with my family, my girls, my husband and my dearest friends.  As a girl of action, I know things have to change, but where to start.  So I’ve spent some time asking myself some really hard questions and looking for areas of change.

1.  What do I want to see change?

This meant being clear with how I wanted to live my life.  And honest with how I was currently living it.  Where did I want to spend my time?  Who did I want to be spending my time with?  What were we doing?  How did I want to feel?

I didn’t sensor myself here.  I was brutally honest and put everything out there, even if it didn’t seem possible, I wrote it down.  The hows would come later.  And I used as much detail as possible.


2.  What could I do to get from here to there?

Once again I listed EVERYTHING.   No censoring.

I do this with clients when working on their goals.  I ask them what they think needs to change to help them get from A (where they currently are) to B (where they want to go).  Most people already know several things they need to be doing differently to achieve a given result.  So list them out.  Don’t worry about the HOW, just list all the possibilities.


3.  What 1 thing could I start doing today?

Just 1 thing.  Not 100.  Not 20.  Just 1 thing.

This 1 step process has worked INCREDIBLY well with my clients in their nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits.  We can’t, as much as we’d like to, focus on too many things at once.  Our brains can’t process it.  We become overwhelmed, stuck and give up.  We mean well, but its just too much.  Science has shown that when we shrink whatever task we’re focused on down into smaller chunks, we’re 75% more likely to follow through and accomplish our goals!  I’ll take those odds!


4.  How will I know its working?

Every 2-4 weeks.  At the end of the day.  Did you do your 1 thing?  Did it move you forward in progressing toward your goal?

Its so easy to just plug away and not stop to look at if you’re going in the right direction.  This was my past year.  I kept my head down, focused on what needed to be done and had great results.  Except they weren’t in the areas that match my values.  On paper they looked great.  In my heart, where I spent my time, not so much.  By checking off Yes/No and looking at how much closer you are to that bigger goal (Question #1), you’ll know whether or not its working.  If Yes, continue.  What might you add on (the next 1 thing to focus on)?  If No, what could you do differently? (look back at your list from Question #2)  Nothing is written in stone.  And because you’re stopping to evaluate every 2-4 weeks, you can change course pretty quickly without a lot of time lost.

These 4 steps have helped me a lot this past month to look over what I’ve been doing and ask myself “Is this working for me?”.  I’m looking forward to the opportunities and learnings 2016 will bring my way, and I’m hopeful that when I look back this time next year, I’ll realize that my time spent, achievements and goals, matched my values and what is really important to me and my life.  And my wish is that this 4 step process does the same for you.

Are you looking to lose weight, train for a 5K or triathlon, have more energy, love the woman staring back at you in the mirror each morning?  Do you struggle with taking time for yourself while caring for everyone else needs and working?  Does exercise and eating healthy feel more like a chore than a reward?  Then schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation with me here:https://www.timetrade.com/book/HDKZR  and lets see if we’re a good match to help you live the vibrant, healthiest & BEST life possible in 2016!  I only have spots for 2 new clients in January and February, so schedule yours soon.

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