Success Stories


IMG_1455“Thanks so much Jocelyn I hope you realize how much you changed my mindset, lifestyle and day to day life, You are an amazing person and I would not have been the same had I not called you three months ago! 
Three years ago I found myself in the middle of a heartbreaking divorce with an 8 week old and 2 year old with special needs to care for own my own. I knew I had to keep it together through the divorce for the kids and I did. I found a home, a full time job, found the resources, therapy and special education programs for my son to thrive, and kept them active in playgroups, school and swimming, dance and soccer lessons . I did my best to wake up each day with a smile while trying to shield them from the heartbreak of our broken family and the absence of their father. A few months ago I realized I just couldn’t hold it together. I was feeling overwhelmed, tired, helpless and just didn’t feel good about me. In my effort to shield my children, I forgot about me. I reached out to Jocelyn in an effort to take some time to myself and focus on living a healthier lifestyle. I knew if I could take just a little time each day  I could be a stronger support system for myself and the kids. After meeting with Jocelyn over the past summer, this is an understatement of how many more changes Jocelyn would make in my life. At the time, I really did not understand how powerful Jocelyn’s goals and wealth of knowledge were and how they would transform myslef, my lifestyle and my mindset. Jocelyn didn’t just help me to plan an individualized cardio and strength training program, but she helped me to change habits one by one, increase my nutrional knowledge and most importantly she made me realize that I can do it all, if I take the time to plan ahead, manage my schedule, and fuel my body with the right nutrients. Jocelyn has a unique way of coaching that I enjoyed.  Jocelyn helped me to realize that the anger I was holding onto from the divorce was creating a cyclical downfall in bad habits that were no longer helping to cope with the day to day stress I was feeling each day. I had to let it go and she helped me do that. I found it amazing that I have had countless conversations with friends, family and therapists since the divorce and never realized what Jocelyn did within weeks. She did not just create a program and give it to me. She used the anatomy of my body to create goals with me. She understood that given my personal situation I couldn’t always get to the gym unless I had a babysitter, which  became difficult financially to hire a babysitter everyday, so we created a program I can follow in my home. She coached me through the benefits of paying attention to food labels and the benefits of buying organic to fuel our bodies to perform at their best. She was accommodating and flexible, motivating, inspiring and understanding. There was never once that I asked her something that she did not have an answer to and was happy to help, whether it was about my program, lifestyle, nutrition, supplements or the stress of day to day life. I would highly recommend Jocelyn to friends and family in a heart beat!”
-Lynn, teacher and mom of 2


before_after “I was in full-on couch potato status.  I was discouraged and disappointed in myself.  Early this year I started running on my own, but felt i needed more individualized guidance.  My doctor recommended Jocelyn.  She listened to my concerns and crafted stretches and exercises specifically for me and my situation.  I love how she watches closely how I am moving and modifies the exercises and her coaching just for me even through Skype.  It is as if she is standing right next to me observing, correcting, and praising me.

With Jocelyn’s help and encouragement I’ve shaved 4 min/mile off my running pace, lost 12 inches, and I’m continuing to lose 1 lb per week (down a total of 64lbs).  But more importantly I’m learning time management and self care skills that make me a happier, more relaxed person.  I love my new healthy body and how strong I am becoming!
If you want to become the healthy happy version of yourself, Jocelyn can help you get there.
Top:  1 year ago.  Bottom: July 23rd at a 5K.”
– Rachelle, mom of 4 and business owner


413968_10100562956083458_747880113_o“I’ve known Jocelyn for around four years now. She began helping me lose weight after my second child was born. I was at the heaviest I’d ever been and really un-healthy. I signed-up for personal training sessions, with a few of my friends, and I loved it. The best part was that I took my kids with me during my sessions. Sometimes I had to wear my baby in a carrier on my back, but Jocelyn modified my work-outs to accommodate her. After three months, we moved away from Jocelyn, (military-life), but I was able to still follow her on social media and keep in touch via email. Anytime I had a fitness or health related question she was always an email away. I continued to work-out and live a healthy lifestyle and I felt great. Jocelyn helped me realize it’s not just about being at a certain weight but it is about your entire health as a whole. After my third child was born I was at a stand-still to lose the last few pounds of my baby-weight. Jocelyn and I started having coaching sessions and I dropped six pounds in two months. I had a rough start getting back into working out after a year off, but Jocelyn was always supportive and encouraging. She not only helped me with my diet, but also which exercises would be good for me. Jocelyn does not believe in deprivation with food. I enjoy sweets and she suggested healthy alternatives to a few of my favorite types of snacks. Jocelyn helped me re-examine my goals to remember “why” I want to be healthy. I want to chase my three very active kids around and be the healthiest I can be for them. You helped me realize this Jocelyn—Thank You!!”

Jen DePablo, mom of 3


1502624_10204708719255359_938407113943590418_o“Working with Jocelyn was an amazing experience.  I had never worked with a trainer before and what I expected was much less than I received.  Jocelyn is extremely intuitive about the body and is extremely knowledgeable.  She created workouts that were specific to me and to my strengths the part that blew me away.  Having someone work with me on my body to get in shape is what I hired her for and she gave me so much more by also working with me on my back pain.  I feel stronger and have created habits that I was not able to do on my own.  I would recommend Jocelyn to anyone looking to improve their health and get into a routine for a fit body.”

– Andrea, mom of 2 and certified health coach  

081new“As a health coach I know how important it is to have a coach yourself, and Jocelyn has been much more than just a personal trainer but also a FANTASTIC coach. From a physical standpoint, I am amazed by her knowledge of the body and how she is able to pick up on small subtleties in my form and correct them.  But even more importantly she was able to customize my program to account for hormone imbalances, stressful times in my life and my long term goals.  As a result I am much stronger, have returned to my daily yoga practice and am running consistently (and enjoying it!) after taking a whole year off.  Jocelyn goes above and beyond in responding to my questions and needs and even created personalized videos of my new workouts so that I could continue to stay motivated on my own.  I got WAY more than I expected out of her program and highly suggest it for anyone of any level.”  

Megan Rand, health coach & mother of 1


11180616_10206765105915777_139915847142131212_nJocelyn re-introduced me to a lifestyle that included exercise and healthy habits.  Having Jocelyn bring back a healthy lifestyle has improved my life is so many ways.  I feel better about myself, have increased self confidence, have more energy, take care of my family with more enthusiasm, and I set long term goals for myself to continuously improve.

Jocelyn has a strong background in exercise and healthy living.  She represents both words.  Jocelyn also has a strong background in the body; medically and holistically.  She takes the time to design and implement an exercise program tailored to the individual.  She pushes you to your potential, but takes every measure to prevent injury.  She strengthened my body to be strong enough to take on the next challenge.  This type of personal attention allows for maximum progress.

After giving birth to two boys and devoting my life to them, I forgot to take care of myself.  Jocelyn not only encouraged me to take care of myself, but joined me in reaching my goal.  We walked the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer together.  Jocelyn put together a training program.  I worked on strength and endurance training during our training sessions.  I then followed her training program for long distance walking on my own.  We always discussed my progress and areas of weakness.  By the walk I was ready.  The event was a huge milestone in my life.  I learned about what I was capable of physically and mentally.  I would never have taken on such a challenge without her encouragement.  I realized quickly after the walk that I needed challenges to continue on this road to a healthy lifestyle.  What a paradigm shift for me.  I went from a couch potato to a person who reaches for physical goals.  It takes a special person to encourage such change.

Jocelyn is one of the strongest women I have ever met.  She has high expectations for herself and others. Jocelyn is also prepared, determined, motivated, efficient, and results oriented.  I highly recommend her services.  She will help you reach your best potential.

Karen Edwards, teacher and mom of 4


229621_1038709722718_9252_n“Jocelyn, I just wanted to thank you for motivating me.  Even my kids have become so intrigued at label reading, that they are making better choices for themselves.  So much so that they decided to do their own sugar challenge! We are all generally good eaters, but this has helped them to be a little more conscientious about what they put into their bodies!  Thank you, Joce!”

Sheri, teacher and mom of 2

They didn't think they could do it. Injuries, Work, Setbacks were stacked against them. But they crossed the finish line and have never looked back!

“I have transformed both physically and, more importantly, emotionally.  I started the program with a primary goal to lose weight, but through the program, Jocelyn and her support, I’ve started to feel in control of my body and life again.  The whole family participated in healthy eating.  I started off not being able to run a full mile and just ran my first 5K of my life and it was so empowering.  I love that I’m finally carving out time every dat for myself and myself only.  Even with a several business trips during our program, I was able to keep the momentum going.  I packed my workout gear, got up early to exercise each morning and chose healthy meals.  Even my co-workers remarked on my renewed energy….and thinner body!  I am more confident, feel stronger, feel lighter and am very proud of what I have accomplished.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

-Aimee, project manager and mom of 1

1929258_594071079737_2154_nExercise has always been my therapy.  I have always lead a healthy, active lifestyle, but had never given exercise so much credit for my (in)sanity until I was 2 months post-partum with my second son and 3.5 months into a deployment!  At that point, I was struggling to carve time for my workouts, but longing to be comfortable in my skin before my husband’s homecoming. I was nervous to lose too much weight because breastfeeding my children is extremely important to me. I didn’t feel I had much time to pee alone, much less cook healthfully or get out for a run.  To top it off my infant wasn’t keen on riding in the jogging stroller yet and, up to this point, I’d always been a runner.  It was at this moment, I recognized that I needed some outside help achieving my goals.

Enter stage right, Jocelyn Martin. I’d met her at a story time our children were a part of at the local library the previous year, but had never used her services. I knew she was a trainer and had seen many of her clients accomplish their goals as a direct result of working with her.  Not to mention, I witnessed her regain her fitness level after giving birth to her third daughter.  And after three months of working with her bi-weekly, I can attest to the “why.”    

She is a font of healthy-living knowledge and what’s more, she practices what she preaches with her own family.  She has got all of the most recent research—on both fitness and nutrition matters and incorporates that knowledge into the training sessions.  She pays attention to detail, ensuring that one’s body alignment is preserved, and in many cases, improved while increasing your overall strength and balance. She’s energetic, professional, and empowering.  She is flexible and worked with me in my home to accommodate my children’s needs. 

Five months post-partum, I can say that not only am I back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I feel stronger and healthier than I have in years!  And, most importantly, she coached me on how to do it healthfully and gradually so that I could continue breastfeeding my infant.  I’m dedicating more time to exercise and spending the extra few minutes in the kitchen to prepare nutritious snacks and meals so my whole family’s diet has improved.  My entire family has benefited from my sessions with Jocelyn and my kids have regained a happy, healthy, and sane mom!  Thank you, Jocelyn, for being wonderful!”

Katie, RN, BSN, mother of 3



1935307_100699389948024_5647061_nDO IT!!!  It will change your life and the way you think of yourself.  I NEVER thought I would be able to complete running a 5K but I did it and you can to.  (Sounds like a bad infomercial!)  I love the the training schedule, the progression of the training, and the confidence that I now have that I can do this.  I can be a runner (slow but steady)!  I have changed a lifetime of thinking “I can’t do that because I never have!”  Now I know I can and I even look forward to the challenge of getting better and better as I continue this habit.  As a mom of three very active and talkative young kids, I look forward to the solitude and quiet of the 36 minutes I get to be alone with God and nature during my workouts.   

Jocelyn is there with you ever step of the way!  She will encourage you, be real with you, and help you make adjustments if needed.  She is very supportive and always positive.  
Thanks again Jocelyn!  This has changed my life and I am forever grateful!”
Janet, mother of 3
10968469_10204356046639771_30419875758081274_nWhat worked best was not having to leave my house to train and go to a gym paying tons of money for a personal training. I loved having personal support. Jocelyn was always there for me despite our many miles apart.

I would absolutely recommend working with Jocelyn. I was never a runner and now can run 30 plus minutes without a break despite still weighing more than I should. You do not need to be in shape to start. I was not and it is such a confidence booster to feel and see the success. Truly life changing.”

Jessica, social worker and mother of 1



11141349_731164690326759_2274858927378569487_nWorking with you this past year has been an amazing experience.  You inspired me to change not only my exercise habits but the way I viewed food.  My whole family has benefited from your expertise in guiding me to choose the proper foods and ideas on how to avoid getting bored with a healthy way of eating.  The workouts were specific to exactly what I needed during each phase of training.  They were fun and pushed me to do more than I thought possible. You never accepted excuses and always helped to find ways around the obstacles I thought I couldn’t get past.  Whether it was not having time to exercise or finding easier ways to prepare my food for the week, you taught me to think of ways to overcome my excuses and not allow me to give up.  Now whenever I have a set back or problem I think to myself, “How would Jocelyn handle this?”  Thank you for helping me to achieve my personal goal of being able to perform 50 pushups in a row and of course guiding me through and training me for my first marathon!

Kim, personal trainer and mother of 3
1497949_10205181886937279_6535527949666866308_oWow!  I want to publicly thank Jocelyn for teaching me and helping me to make better decisions and choices in my life.  I met Jocelyn almost 3 years ago when she served as my personal trainer.  During that time she helped me lose over 16 pounds.  I have VERY busy life that entails catering to my husband, two kids, and work — and I just couldn’t find enough time to consistently work out with Jocelyn at that time.  As time progressed I found myself not really losing any weight to reaching a plateau where no weight loss began to occur.  I truly wanted to lose weight and make better choices — I just didn’t know how to fit it in my schedule.  Then Jocelyn reached out to me again.  I really wasn’t sure at first, but soon began to see results!  The first week was really the hardest part because of the curbing of my “nasty” diet!  Not being able to eat what I used to eat was very intimidating.    
 Every week Jocelyn had something new for me.  This was good because it switched things up for me.  Additionally, Jocelyn taught me how to eat and how to make some other healthy meals.  Essentially, not only did the program help me but my family as well.  We all eat healthy now!
 Jocelyn also had a new training regimen for me weekly.  Much like our meals, Jocelyn kept the training coming and at a pace that gradually assisted me to meet my goals.  The 10,000 steps a day training program was my favorite : ) .  
 I feel great and not since the birth of son 10 years ago did I ever think I could look and feel like this!  Jocelyn has made a difference in not only my life but that of my family’s as well.  I am for ever indebted to Jocelyn.  THANK YOU!!
Carla, hospital pharmacy tech and mother of 2
I cannot thank Jocelyn enough for helping me to develop the skills necessary to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. She is extremely knowledgable about exercise science and developed a plan of action and an exercise plan geared specifically for me. With her steadfast suppot and direction, I was able to lose weight, decrease my BMI and gain self esteem and self acceptance (the last two being the most important). Jocelyn also encouraged and motivated me even when I felt like giving up. She helped me develop healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes that I have been able to pass along to my family. Cheers to a HAPPY and HEALTHY LIFE! Thank you, Jocelyn! You are the best!
Shannon, mom of 2
Jocelyn, I am so glad that I stumbled upon your website one night on FaceBook! Training with you has been a wonderful experience and I know I will take what I have learned and continue to apply it to my life! I know so much more about my body, exercise, and healthy eating habits than I’ve ever known. Now, not only am I healthier, but my family is too. Thank you for always encouraging me and pushing me, even through my plateau’s. Since working out with Jocelyn I have increased my endurance in all aspects of training, decreased my BMI, and lost pounds, all doing it the correct way! Thank you again, Jocelyn!!!
Jennifer, mom of 3