Before beginning any new endeavor, nerves always come into play.  I’ve run over 100 races in my lifetime and I get nervous before every one.  No matter how big or how small, I still get nervous.

Starting any new program can be scary.  You may have tons of questions or concerns.

  • I don’t have time to exercise or eat healthy.
    1. Each workout program, food and habit change has YOU in mind.  They are based on your schedule and your lifestyle, as well as your needs and goals.  You need to be ready and willing to make some changes, so we’ll always discuss your program before you start it.  I’m a firm believer that you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen or gym to be fit and healthy.


  • Is this ANOTHER diet?
    1. This is most definitely NOT another diet.  I positively do not believe in diets.  This is all about making small lifestyle, food and habit changes to help you reach your goals.


  • I’ve tried every workout, diet or program out there.  None of them have worked.  Why will this?
    1. I can’t guarantee you that this will work for you.  But you already know that because you’ve tried so many things to reach your goals already.  The key is, we’ll take that into consideration and create a program that works for you!  If you promise to work hard, commit to and participate in the program, then I promise that I’ll work equally as hard to help you reach your goals.  


  • I’m terrible with technology.  This “on-line” thing won’t work for me.
    1. If you can use a computer, send an email, talk on the phone, you can do this program!  So many things in your life, from banking to ordering groceries to scheduling important appointments, is already done on-line.  Personal training and coaching on-line gives you back time (no more traveling to the gym), confidentiality (you can train in the comfort and privacy of your own home) and freedom (train where-ever you are, then wash up in your own bathroom, with your own things).  No more excuses!


  • How is the program delivered to me?
    1. Coaching and/or personal training sessions can be completed in-person at my private studio, on-line or any combination of the two that work for your schedule, lifestyle and goals.  All materials are delivered completely on-line.  You can download them, print them, save them to your computer or iPad or pull them up on an app.  You’ll get complete instructions to do all of this in a separate email when you start working with me.  You’ll receive the individual attention you need, to answer any questions you may have, address any challenges, celebrate successes, track progress and make changes to your program so you are constantly making progress toward your goal.


  • How can you review my form or correct me when doing the workouts via Skype?
    1. During our Skype calls we’ll have an opportunity to review any and all exercises you may have concerns with form or execution. If you have a question about completing an exercise between the Skype calls, simply send me an email and I’ll get back to you during with a further explanation, video demonstration, modification or different exercise selection.


  • I need support, accountability and motivation.
    1. You will have continuous support.  I’ll regularly text, call, email or message you to see how things are progressing.  Need more support or accountability?  You got it!  I’m never more than a text, call, email or message away and can easily Skype or jump on the phone to be there for you.  I’m not just your trainer, but your coach.


  • I live in a different country or timezone, how can I schedule the Skype calls?
    1. No matter where you live or travel to, you control the schedule.  Once you become a client of Be Your Best Personal Training, you’ll have access to my on-line calendar which will show you which times are available each day/week/month and allow you to schedule the sessions according to your schedule and in your time zone.    If you need to cancel or make a change, you’ll be able to do that as well.


  • I travel a lot.  Will on-line personal training work for me?
    1. On-Line Personal Training is perfect for those busy women who travel frequently.  During our initial consultation, we’ll discuss your schedule and lifestyle and put together a workout program, food and lifestyle choices that work for you.  The on-line workout program allows you to have access from anywhere in the world and you can always download, print or stream the program to take it with you.  Everything is created with you and your schedule and lifestyle in mind.


  • Do I need any a gym membership or special equipment to do the workouts?
    1. There is no need to have a gym membership or buy any special equipment.  The workouts are created with your current lifestyle in mind.  After a time, those needs may change and you may want to purchase some new equipment or join a gym to progress or change your options, but there is no need when starting out.  And if any equipment needs to be purchased in the future, Jocelyn Martin and Be Your Best Personal Training will help you identify what, if anything would help your progress, as well as where to purchase from so you receive quality equipment.  I haven’t worked out in a gym in over 10 years and frequently use body weight exercises to stay in shape when traveling.


  • Personal Training is too expensive.
    1. You’re receiving a complete personalized program: food, exercise and lifestyle habits.  You’re working on YOUR specific needs and in the privacy of your own home or my private studio, all while getting the individual attention you deserve.  There are no other hidden costs, membership fees or things to buy.  You get on-going support and access to an expert in women’s health and nutrition.  All of this on your schedule and with your lifestyle, needs and goals in mind.  Its personalization at its best!  Affordable options are available for all budgets.  View Pricing Plans Here.