Hi There! I’m Jocelyn Martin.

I’m a mom, wife and business owner.  To be honest, I’m just like you,trying to juggle life, work, kids, marriage and healthy living.  Some days I rock, others I’m praying to God to help me out.

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Where I excel, is helping other women and moms, find ways to make healthy living work in their busy lives.  No more overwhelm.  No more stress.  No more wondering what you SHOULD be doing.  Just simple diet, exercise and lifestyle solutions that WORK!  Whether you want to:

-have more energy

-less stress

-lose weight

-tone up

-complete your first 5K

-or just be the BEST healthy role model you can for your kiddos

I can help you make those goals a reality!

I take a holistic approach, looking at what makes You the person you are: lifestyle, diet and exercise habits. I’ll show you healthy recipes that can be made quickly and in advance to make weeknight meals easy. You’ll love them and so will your family!

I’ll show you workouts and exercises that are the most effective for a woman’s body and don’t take hours to complete. All of which can be done at home, or anywhere! Helping you to Look and Feel Great!

You’ll laugh, find support, learn the latest information on how to have more energy, reduce stress, improve sleep and all the things necessary to elevate your health, and your overall well-being, so you can live YOUR BEST healthy life!

How do I know its possible?

Because I’ve seen it work with hundreds of clients and women that I’ve work with over the last 10 years.  And because its how I live my life on a daily basis.

I’m not talking perfection here.  I’m talking simple habits put into place, acted upon, so you can see results without being overwhelmed.

I’ve always loved working out, exercising, competing and how my body feels after being challenged.  And I love to eat GREAT food!  But after having my first child and going back to work, I found that all those things that USED to work for me, weren’t working anymore.  I just didn’t have the time and I was unprepared for the guilt that would come from taking time for ME, when I could be spending time with my baby girl or husband.

I tried the latest informercial fitness craze, following a diet/lifestyle book, even trying to keep up with the schedule I had before a family and husband.  It all worked in the short term, but after awhile, I’d get bored.  There was no support system to keep me going.  Or the plan just didn’t seem to fit me, my needs or my schedule.  I knew I wanted to be healthy.  To feel great about my body AND myself.  To be there for my girls and set a positive, healthy example for them.  I wanted to be able to enjoy doing things with my husband and children and not feel uncomfortable, out of shape or…..have to say no.  I wanted a healthy lifestyle that made me feel great and worked for my schedule, my life, ME.

So I started with just one small change, going for a walk or run early each morning, and found that with one small change, you can change your health, your outlook, your relationships, your shape, your life!  That’s all it took.

That one change, walking or running each morning before my husband left for work, just 20 minutes to start, led to other changes.  The food I was eating, the books I was reading, going to bed earlier so I could get up for “me” time.  It didn’t happen overnight and it wasn’t a complete change all at once.  But, slowly I found ME again.  And even better, I found something I LOVED to do that made me FEEL GREAT!

So I followed my heart, took a chance and became certified as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, holistic health coach and nutrition coach.



Since then, I’ve helped over 200 women just like you reclaim their lives, their health, their bodies, themselves! Not with BIG overhauls, but with one small change at a time. Exercise. Eating real food. And loving themselves in the process.  Changes that work for their lives, their schedules, their needs.  

“Jocelyn re-introduced me to a lifestyle that included exercise and healthy habits. Having Jocelyn bring back a healthy lifestyle has improved my life in so many ways. I feel better about myself, have increased self confidence, have more energy, take care of my family with more enthusiasm, and I set long term goals for myself to continuously improve.”       – Karen Edwards

 “After 3 months of working with Jocelyn, I can attest to why her style works. She is a font of healthy-living knowledge. She practices what she preaches with her own family. She includes the latest research on both fitness and nutrition in her training. She pays attention to the details, ensuring your safety, while increasing your overall strength and balance. Five months post-partum and not only am I back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I feel stronger and healthier than I have in years! I’m dedicating more time to exercise and spending the extra few minutes in the kitchen preparing nutritious snack and meals for my whole family. My entire family has benefited from my work with Jocelyn and my kids have regained a happy, healthy and sane mom!” – Katie Bonecutter

“My doctor told me today that after working with you, losing the weight and getting healthy, that we were going to be titrating down my heart medications. Yay!” – Sarena LaPanne

I now live a life I love. At 41, I’m healthier than I have ever been, competing in triathlons and placing within my age group, all while caring for 3 young children, being an active duty Marine Corps spouse and running my own personal training and health coaching business. My workouts are more effective and the meals I make are healthy and enjoyed by the whole family. I take more time for spirituality, self care, reducing stress, improving sleep, quality time with my family and friends. My days are still just as crazy and busy, but I am loving EVERY MINUTE of them!

Life isn’t just good, its GREAT!


I’m now determined to help other busy women live their best lives!

Through my programs, services and products, you’ll learn practical, real life strategies that work to help you get healthy, fit and feel GREAT! Strategies based on You, Your schedule, Your needs, Your crazy, busy ROCKSTAR life!  

Whenever I offer a new program, product, video or anything inspiring and helpful, I want all my fellow busy sisters to know about, I put it out in my newsletter first.

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I’m committed to bringing you the latest information, always backed by research and a touch of honest to goodness common sense, of how to make exercise, healthy eating and self care a part of your busy life.

You’ll see how I make it work, sometimes a pretty picture….other times, well, it’ll make for a good laugh. Life with 3 young children, an active duty military spouse and a flourishing business, is often hectic and busy, but also full of laughter, fun and love!

Thanks for reading and be sure to come back soon and often.

I look forward to getting to know you better,