The Right Support System to Guarantee Your Success

The Right Support System to Guarantee Your Success

I was having dinner the other night with a few close girlfriends.  One of them started talking about their personal trainer.  They said, they’re not seeing results, but they love how motivating she is at each session.  “She makes me feel like a winner who can do anything!”

I laughed, knowing how I often message my clients and provide positive re-enforcement on their habits.  Then she said something that caught my breath, “But I’m not sure its enough.”

Enough.  Its an icky word.  To me it means that what we’re doing isn’t measuring up, to our thoughts, our dreams, our wants.  To what the world, family, friends expect of us.  No one wants to just be ENOUGH.  They want to be MORE THAN ENOUGH.

We all know that to achieve a goal, we need support.  Support to see us through the hard times.  Support to give us perspective and keep us on the right path.  Support to give us the little kick in the butt we need sometimes to keep going.  Olympic and professional athletes don’t win the Big game or medal without a team of support.  CEOs and top executives have a team they rely on with strengths that expand on their own.  Most anyone who has achieved success in life has had a team of support to help them get there.  No man, or woman, is an island, right?

So her comment got me to thinking about how I support my clients and how YOU can create a Support Team that will increase your chances of success and getting there faster, in 1-2-3!!!!!

1.  Know Your Struggle

Maybe they have the job you want, have lost weight and kept it off or have worked with clients just like you and helped them achieve a similar result.  This could be a friend, family member, person you work with or coach you hire.

Then become your own detective.  Invite them to lunch or coffee, schedule a complimentary session with them (most coaches, like me, want to make sure you’re a good fit before you start working together and offer a free session to help you both find that out) or send them an email, text or call.  Most people are flattered to let you know how they achieved their success.  Be honest, let them know why you contacted them, how you’ve struggled and then listen to their story.  Take notes and see if this is someone you want to work with and be a part of your support team.

2.  Have a Process

When you met with your potential support team member and asked your questions, you may have seen a pattern.  What they did to achieve their goal/success or what they help clients they’ve worked with do to achieve their results.  In other words, you could begin to see their process or the steps they take to get from point A to point B.

This is important, so don’t skip over it.  Because if you can see the process, even if its not a formalized one, you can reproduce it!

Then ask them if they’d be open to helping you reach your goal.  Tell them WHY you want to reach your goal.  Which means you need to know WHY you want to achieve your goal.  And why you think they’d be a great person to help you.  I’m thrilled when potential new trainers contact me to see how I got started or to volunteer time with youth teams or women’s shelters.  Its a win win for everyone!

3.  Will Hold You Accountable

As in my friends case, you want your support team to lift you up, but you also want them to hold you accountable to your goal.  Which means sometimes, they may have to be brutally honest and give you a kick in the butt that you need.  We all have a little rebellious teenager in us that doesn’t want to do their homework even when we know we need to do it.  A good support team member will hold you accountable in a way that works for you, while still motivating you to achieve your goal.

To do this, set clear expectations with your support team as to how often you’ll be in contact, the best ways to support you and what you need to succeed.  Which means you need to know how you learn best, your prior successes/strengths and your weaknesses or past failures.  Then plan out a path (see the tips about the process above!) that works for you!

Me & one of my clients

Me & one of my clients

My friend eventually dropped her trainer as she wasn’t seeing results, even though she was made to feel good.  Feeling good just isn’t enough when what you really want is to achieve your goals.

So spend sometime today and look around you.  Who would make a good support team member to help you reach your goal?  One who knew your struggle and understood where you were coming from.  One who had a clear process that you could also follow to achieve your desired result.  And one who would be honest with you, not just feed you motivational quotes, to help you accountable to your goals.

As my clients come to know, their success is a two way street.  I will give them the support, show them the process and hold them accountable, but as any athlete or executive knows, YOU have to do the work!


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