My 3 Top Coaching Tips To Staying Healthy When Life Gets Chaotic

My 3 Top Coaching Tips To Staying Healthy When Life Gets Chaotic

Teacher.  Guide.  Trainer.  Instructor.  Coach.

Be The Example You Want Them to See

Be The Example You Want Them to See

To many people these can mean the same thing.  To me, they’re something different.

To me, a Teacher instructs me in the process.  They teach me how to do something.  A guide, shows me the path or way to achieve a goal.  A trainer works in the medium they are an expert in, helping me to get better at that thing.  An instructor, does just that instructs, but isn’t necessarily invested in helping me achieve more.  A coach, now a coach, embodies ALL those things!

To me, a Coach teaches you the process in a way you can understand it.  They guide you along a path that works for you.  They train you in a way that expands your strengths and lifts your challenges.  They instruct you to support you where you need it and allow you to learn to fly on your own.  And they do all of this, by Coaching you in a way that is supportive, educational, motivating, a little kick in the ass, structured and holds you accountable.  A coach should stretch you, but make you feel good at the same time.

This week, with chaotic and unplanned surprises to throw my schedule off, I needed to pull on all my top three coaching tips to help me stay on track.

Tip 1: Do Something

We’re not always able to do what we had planned.  Time is not always on our side.  But that doesn’t mean we let things slide because when we stop moving forward that we lose sight of our goal.

So maybe I didn’t get in a full workout, but 20 minutes was better than nothing.  With a 15 hour hospital stay, healthy eats were not easy to come by, but water, fruit and a granola bar could tide me over till I could get to something healthier.

Tip 2: Focus on What you CAN Do

When the going gets tough and there are lots of obstacles standing in your way, its easy to list all the reasons you CAN’T do something.

I Don't Have Time-3

No Time

No Help

Too Hard

No Money

You get the idea.

Instead, brainstorm all solutions, eliminating NOTHING at first, then choose one to start with.  The easiest one.  Yup you heard me, the EASIEST one.  The one you didn’t immediately think of an excuse for not getting it done.  Then get to it!

Try it out for a few days.  How’s that working for you?  Good?  Keep it up.  Not quite right?  Guess what…you already have several other options you can try.

Tip 3: Let It Go

The hardest thing, especially for those Type A personalities out there, is to Let It Go.  That doesn’t mean you let things slide, but when things get really tough, like this past week for me, sometimes you have to let something go.  We can’t do everything!

So I spent less time connecting on Facebook, my newsletter to all of you is a bit later than usual and we had to eat leftovers.  But that’s ok.  Everyone is healthy, and I eventually could catch up.

(I will say….this is easier said than done!  Especially if the thing you have to let go of are deep seeded beliefs.  But it can be done!  I promise!)


I love it when my clients call me Coach!  It means I’m doing my job.  I’m helping them draw out the BEST version of them, educating them on the process that works best for them, supporting them in overcoming challenges, motivating them to keep with it and holding them accountable to their goals.

Want to see for yourself how I go beyond personal training and incorporate coaching sessions to help you make simple exercise, diet and healthy lifestyle changes you need to make to reach your goals, lose the weight, have more energy and Live your healthiest life as a busy woman, schedule a FREE 30 minute strategy session here:      I only take 5 new clients a month so YOU get the personal attention you deserve!  

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