A Step By Step Guide to Weight Loss

A Step By Step Guide to Weight Loss

A nurse, nutritionist and personal trainer walk into a room.  Boy this is the start of a bad joke!  But just hang in there with me for a minute.

The nurse says, “I know anatomy and how the body works.”

The nutritionist says, “I know food and how it effects the body.”

The personal trainer says, “I know the process and how they work with the body.”

Who can help you lose weight, tone up, have more energy and keep all those things going for a lifetime?

The one who has the process.


If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, gain more muscle tone or beat your personal best in a race, you’ve probably read all kinds of books, blogs, articles and websites on the topic.  You’ve learned all you can and lots of things you never knew.  You may have followed a specific book or plan yourself.

And all that knowledge is great and useful, but it will not guarantee your success.  Whoa!?!

I know, right?  Its a complete mind blow of a statement.  So read it again: Knowledge is great and useful, but it will not guarantee your success.

We’ve all known someone along the way who is incredibly bright.  They’ve gotten the best marks, gone to the best schools, can pull a random fact out of thin air.  But that doesn’t mean they’re successful.  Or that they’re successful at everything they do.  Even if they KNOW a lot about the topic.

See that’s where a PROCESS comes in.

A process is like a blueprint.  It helps to show you what needs to be done in what order for you to achieve your desired result.


That’s the key…WHAT needs to be done, in what ORDER to achieve your desired RESULT.

In today’s fast paced society, we often want to skip over several steps.  “I already know that.”  “I can already do that.”  “I don’t NEED (read want here!) to do that.”

Truth is, we all need refreshers in even the most basic of habits to achieve our goals.  Those basics, are like the foundation, that the blueprint is based upon.

You wouldn’t hang drywall and paint a room, if you haven’t finished all the electrical and plumbing that needs to go behind them?  You’d be making building a house that much harder!

How do you know if someone has a process that works, like our personal trainer above, or how to find one for yourself?

Ask yourself what you need to know to achieve your goal?  What is the very first thing?

If your goal is to lose weight, what do you need to know to lose weight?

  • what exercises you should be doing?
  • how often you should be exercising?
  • how hard should you be exercising?
  • what foods should you be eating?
  • how much of those foods should you be eating?
  • how often should you be eating?
  • what other things impact your weight?
  • etc.

Keep asking questions and then start putting the answers in an order.  Start with practicing one, then the next and so forth.  One habit at a time.  Just like with your blueprint.

A house isn’t built overnight.  The average home takes 9 months to build.

Weight loss, muscle tone, race personal bests, also aren’t achieved overnight.  They’re built on a foundation of skills that come together to create success.  That’s the process!

The nurse, nutritionist and personal trainer all have great knowledge and each is successful in their own right.  But it is the personal trainer, the one who has the process, who can help YOU achieve the results you desire.

So next time you’re tempted to skip over the basics, slow down and know that they serve a purpose, they’re part of the process to achieving your goals!


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