I’m Eating Right and Exercising, So Why Aren’t I Losing Weight?

I’m Eating Right and Exercising, So Why Aren’t I Losing Weight?

This is the question we all want an answer to. One anyone who has struggled to lose weight asks before they’ve even begun!

Q: I’m eating right and exercising, so why aren’t I losing weight?


A: Ahhh, the million dollar question! 
So much goes into keeping our bodies humming along. A careful balance of hormones that keep all our organs functioning from our heart beating to our metabolism rolling along. A balance of hormones that is based on our current way to doing things. Based on our current way of eating, exercising or not exercising, stress level, sleep pattern, etc. And just like us, our bodies and hormonal systems HATE change! They hate change so much, they fight it!

Have you ever seen a child throw a tantrum because they couldn’t get the toy they want or ice cream for dessert? They’re completely irrational right? Same with our bodies and hormonal systems. Even though we’re not currently living or making healthy food, exercise or life choices, our bodies and hormonal systems don’t care. They just want to continue to keep everything balanced and humming along. That is their job after all…as unhealthy as it may be.

So then what to do about it? 
1. Keep your changes small 
2. Add only one change at a time
3. Give each change time to work (2 weeks, then add another)

This will give your hormones time to adapt. Time to make the changes they need to adjust to your new healthier habits. Time for them to give up their bratty, toddler ways and make the gradual changes needed to keep your body humming along.

Now, here’s the kicker….and the honest to gosh truth….this can be hard. It can down right SUCK! Because it takes time. You won’t get the “lose 10lbs in 7 days results” you may want. But by this time you also know….those pounds come right back on! But you will get lasting change, lasting weight loss and lasting improved health.

To stay on track, use various ways to track your progress:
1. Weight yourself weekly
2. Take photos from various angles
3. Measure your body
4. Track your behaviors

You’ll be much more likely to keep up your new healthy changes, adapt them to your busy life AND meet your goals!

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