How Your Weight Loss Goal is Like a Fairy Tale

How Your Weight Loss Goal is Like a Fairy Tale

With 3 little girls in our house, I think we have almost every Disney fairy tale imaginable in both print and on DVD. The stories are known by heart and each child has their favorite: Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and depending on the day, Snow White or the Little Mermaid.

No matter how different each of the characters is, Belle with her love of reading and open heart, Cinderella with her spirit and work ethic, Snow White with her naiveté and kind heart or the Little Mermaid with her curiosity and bravery, the stories are very similar.


Once upon a time….they all begin.  Girl gets herself in some type of situation or trouble, finds her voice or hearts desire and falls in love, her troubles resolved or situation drastically improved.  And they live, happily ever after…..

Have you ever noticed that they all end with happily ever after…..?  Not just happily ever after PERIOD.  But happily ever after….

As though there is MORE to the story (and with Disney there always is more to the story.  Notice all the sequels!).

But that’s not the point.

You see, your goals, your weight loss or healthy lifestyle journey is very similar to a Disney fairy tale.  

Once upon a time…..over the last few years… gained weight, had a child or two, started working long hours which left little time to exercise or eat healthy.  You started to stress more and sleep less which left you cranky, tired and reaching for that 3pm candy bar.

Enter in your prince, or in this case, your proposed solution to the situation or “trouble” you’ve gotten yourself into.  It could be a gym membership or trainer, a weight loss program like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, a complete dvd system like P90X or 21 Day Fix or any combination of the like.

Now, in the fairy tales, this is where your happy ending comes in.  You’ve met your prince, your solution, and now you live happily ever after…..goal, weight loss, improved health, more energy, better sleep, less stress…ACHIEVED!

But hold your horses speed racer, this is where that “…” comes in!  

You see this is where the work happens.  That “….” is the first of many steps you’ll take to achieve your goal.  Just like in a fairytale, that “….” is really the START of their life together.  And for all of us who have been or are married, we know that TOO is when the REAL work starts.

The “…” is the part of the fairytale they DON’T tell you about, where the sequel happens.  And just like on your healthy living, weight loss journey, that “…” is where YOUR sequel happens too.  The start of your new HEALTHIER life.

While fairytales may look like a story wrapped up nicely in a quick 1 hour 20 minute movie or 15 page children’s book, the real story, the real work, starts where the story ends: happily ever after…

Same too with your weight loss and healthy living journey.

Your real story, the real work, STARTS AFTER you’ve chosen your solution with your FIRST NEXT step…

And just like you don’t see or read about the story that comes after the “…”, same too in your weight loss, healthy living journey.  No one knows how long it will take to lose the weight, reduce the blood pressure medications, tighten up the abs, etc.  Just focus on the first step, the first “.” and trust that the rest will follow to your….Happily Ever After!!!!

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