Claim Your Super Woman Moment….At The Finish Line!

Claim Your Super Woman Moment….At The Finish Line!

As a child I can remember running around in my wonder woman under-roos (hopefully some of you remember under-roos!) using a blanket as my cape.  I’d hide behind chairs and curtains spying on the devilish deeds of my brother.  I was in complete Super Woman mode!


Fast forward to today.  Its rare that as moms and busy women that we achieve actual Super Woman moments.  And if we try, we often end up completely exhausted, stressed and burnt out.  Lets face it, no matter what TV, movies, commercials, the internet or Facebook tell us, we can’t do it ALL, ALL the time.

But there is a way to get that Super Woman feeling back.

Its starts with a finish line.

Many of my clients start training for a 5K to have a goal.  A goal that is bigger than “losing weight” or “looking good in skinny jeans”.  A goal that has a deadline, a process and allows you to see progress being made each day, each workout.

But that’s not the Super Woman part.

The Super Woman part comes the moment they cross that finish line.  It is the look in their children’s eyes, on the face of their family members waiting, the feeling in their heart.

They didn't think they could do it.  Injuries, Work, Setbacks were stacked against them.  But they crossed the finish line and have never looked back!

They didn’t think they could do it. Injuries, Work, Setbacks were stacked against them. But they crossed the finish line and have never looked back!

Our lives are busy.  Finding time to train for a 5K while working and caring for children can seem impossible.

It takes Committment, even on the days you don’t feel like training or have 100 other things to do, that makes the feat that much more incredible.  Just as Super Woman is Committed to ridding the world of crime or evil.

It takes Courage, when you don’t feel like you’re making progress, but you keep going.  Just as Super Woman finds a way through even when it seems impossible.

It takes Support, to find the time to train AND care for a family and other life responsibilities, from family, friends and those around us.  Just as Super Woman has a team to help her fight crime.

It takes Peace, of mind and spirit, to know that you’re right where you’re supposed to be in your training.  Just as Super Woman has that moment of clarity when all the pieces of the puzzle come together.

It takes Confidence, to put yourself out there and risk injury, time from family, money to train and achieve something that is bigger than you are today.  Just as Super Woman stands in her famous Super Woman pose, hands on hips, head held high, knowing she’s doing something incredible!  And so too are YOU!

Why do so many women train for and run a 5K and then continue to do another, and another, and another….?  For that moment.  That moment when you cross the finish line and you KNOW that your Commitment, Courage, Support, Peace and Confidence have paid off because in that moment you see it in the eyes of your children and family members.  You feel it in your heart and soul.  You are a SuperWoman!  Amazing that a finish line can do So Much!

Running, Triathlons or any Sport

So grab your Super Woman outfit (under-roos and cape are optional) and sign up for your next, or first, 5K.  Then as you cross that finish-line throw your hands up and take your best Super Woman pose because in the eyes of your children, family, friends and heart, you already are:

 A Super Woman!

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