Can One 5K Change YOUR Life and Others?  This One Can!!

Can One 5K Change YOUR Life and Others? This One Can!!

3 years ago I met an amazing woman.  At the time I didn’t know that this woman would change the course of my life, the course of my business and give additional meaning to everything I do.

A friend invited me to a gathering at her home where a good friend of hers was going to be selling some clothing and goods.  I usually avoid these types of events like the plaque!  As a military spouse, just about every week there is an event of some one selling something and after 11 years, I was over it!  But for some reason I felt called to go to this event.

Maybe it was that my neighbor was new and I was looking to get to know her.  Maybe it was that a client had cancelled and I suddenly found myself with an hour right when her event was going on.  I’m not sure.  But instead of going home, I stopped by and thats when things started to change.

As Inga and I spoke, I started to realize how much we had in common.  We had both traveled the world extensively, seeing how many families have to make really tough decisions to make a wage that can feed them all.  Seeing how women will sacrifice everything for their children.  Seeing how incredibly blessed we are to live the life we live.  And wanting to make an impact, wanting to help.

Inga Swope, founder of 3seams, on a recent trip to Cambodia

Inga Swope, founder of 3seams, on a recent trip to Cambodia

For 2 years Inga and I navigated the same social circles.  Our children participated in the same sports.  We got to know each other as women, and eventually as friends.

As my business grew, I started to look for a way to give back.  I wanted a connection to the organization I’d be supporting and giving back to, to not just raise money or give services, but to see the work being done and the lives impacted.  That’s when I turned to Inga and 3seams.

3seams, creates jobs in Cambodia, Nepal and in the past Haiti.  In these countries most families live below the average monthly income of $118 and as a result families are split as a husband or wife live away from their family to provide for their family.  Children grow up without a mother or a father.  3seams shows these families how to create a product using locally sourced materials, market it and sell it.  They help to provide facilities, education and resources to do this.  Their goal, to allow families to earn a wage where they can stay together as a family AND to teach them a trade they can continue to do, even if 3seams was to leave.  Helping families to end the cycle of poverty and keeping them together.  (You can learn more about 3seams here:

As a woman who’s whole business is around helping other women find exercise, diet and lifestyle solutions to reach their goals and FEEL GREAT about themselves inside and out, I couldn’t think of a better charity to be partnered with.  After all, when we help others, when as mothers we can provide for our family and know that their needs are being met, we start to feel really good about ourselves and our whole situation, our whole perspective changes.


3seams was already doing 2 runs, a 5K & a 10K, as their main fundraiser.  (  Money goes directly toward creating facilities, providing resources to create more jobs and thus helping more families.  So I asked how I could help.  You see I’ve seen women’s lives changed by training and running a race.  Women who didn’t think they could ever run.  Women who thought exercise was hard.  Women who were looking to show their family, their children, that they were more than “just” a mom.  Women who didn’t just want to exercise, but wanted to achieve something for themselves.  Wow….sounds a lot like the women and families 3seams was helping!

“I am amazed that I am doing this at all!  I am not a runner…but now I am.  I definitely believe the strength training in between makes it possible.  Thank you Jocelyn for making this possible.”

– Kendra Chase, freelancer

“I never thought at the beginning of the six weeks I would say this but… I really am enjoying the challenge and meeting it. I don’t love everyday, but I love marking each day off as a successful completion. I have worked so hard and felt every walk/run and strength training and yoga work out for days sometimes. I am so far out of my comfort zone I thought I would need a map to find my way back, but I’m doing it one day at a time! And it feels great. Thanks Jocelyn!!”

  • Janet Acosta, stay at home mom of 3

Its amazing when businesses, charities and people come together.  Incredible things can happen!  Through our Run3seams 5K:

  • You get healthy by completing a 6 week 5K training program (strength, flexibility and walk to run program), while families in Cambodia and Nepal get to stay together by earning a living wage
  • You get expert coaching from a certified holistic personal trainer and health coach in a private Facebook group, while families in Cambodia and Nepal get to expand their programs so MORE families are helped
  • You get daily support, motivation and accountability to cross the finish line feeling strong and confident, while families in Cambodia get a brand new facility, expanding their program so MORE families can participate
They didn't think they could do it.  Injuries, Work, Setbacks were stacked against them.  But they crossed the finish line and have never looked back!

They didn’t think they could do it. Injuries, Work, Setbacks were stacked against them. But they crossed the finish line and have never looked back!

Your only commitment is a $100 donation.  The entire 5K training program (videos, pdfs, training plan and calendar) is delivered via email to you for FREE!  Expert coaching, support, motivation and accountability is FREE!  You’ll also receive a headband and certificate for your participation.

And the best part…’ll be able to see exactly where 100% of your money is being spent.  You’ll get updates, pictures and testimonials from 3seams on how you’re helping!

Our goal is $25,000, so that’s 250 runners!  Are you ready to challenge yourself and as a result help a family stay together by earning a living wage?

Sign up here:

And if you’d like to join my local team….we’ll run the Rail to Trail in West Boylston together on May 16th, along with hundreds others running around the world on that date, email me at jocelyn@beyourbestpersonaltraining.

And if you’re not local, click the link above AND you’ll still receive expert coaching, support, motivation and accountability from me in the private Facebook group, as well as all the training materials FREE!!!

Together we can GET FIT and Help Others through Running!

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