It Took Over 2 Years…..But the Result Was Beautiful!

It Took Over 2 Years…..But the Result Was Beautiful!

I’m not here to talk to you about New Year Resolutions….bah!

I’m not going to talk fitness, exercise, weight loss, food, diets, stress reduction, sleep, lifestyle change….nope not gonna do it!

I do want to talk to you about….a flower.

3 years ago this week, my two youngest daughters and I were trying to kill some time while waiting for my oldest to finish her swim team practice.  So of course we went SHOPPING!

I like to do fun activities with the girls that also teaches them something.  While out shopping we found these little flower pots with a bulb that you can plant, watch them grow and bloom.  Perfect!  The directions said they should bloom in 6 weeks.  Just enough time for 2 children under 5 to keep interested.  Or so I thought!

Each day we watered the bulbs.  At first there was nothing.  Then, after a week, leaves started to push their way through the soil.  Each week we watched them grow longer and larger.  Surely a flower would show itself soon enough.

Weeks 5 & 6 arrived… flowers.

Weeks 9 & 10 passed….no flowers.

Weeks 15, 20, 35….a full year had passed and still NO FLOWERS!

Each week the girls would ask when the flowers would arrive.  I didn’t have an answer.  They looked healthy enough.  There were leaves, but no flowers.  Surely by now there would be flowers right?

A normal person would probably have thrown them out by now.  They had to be duds.  But not me!  No way!  They were an activity I had done with my 2 little girls.  Each one had their own flower that they had helped me plant, water and care for.  I couldn’t just discard them.

Another year passed, 104 weeks since we had planted the bulbs, and something amazing started to happen.  A bulb formed on one of the stems.  Then another.  The girls started to take notice of the changes.  They weren’t just pots with leaves anymore, but there was something happening.

Each day we would note the changes.  Each day we watched.

Finally, more than 2 years later, there they were…..4 beautiful flowers!  4 beautiful Christmas Lilies!  The girls were thrilled.

Who would have thought a flower could teach us so much!

Who would have thought a flower could teach us so much!

As we watched them start to bloom, unfurl their petals and eventually die, I was struck by how these lilies mimic lifeSo often we give up when our blooming is just on its own course and taking its own time.  We don’t see the changes that are taking place because they lie beneath the surface.  We try to rush it with our own agendas, our own time lines, our own desires, wants and we get frustrated when that doesn’t happen the way we want it to.

Those Lilies were no less beautiful, no less wonderful to watch, no less of a bonding for me and my girls, because they took 2 years to bloom.  In fact, its a lesson I can refer back to for them.  One I wouldn’t have if they had bloomed as the directions said they would have in 6 weeks.

So go easy.  Take your time.  Be patient.  Just because you don’t see the changes, doesn’t mean that they aren’t happening.  Sometimes it just takes a little more time.  After all, just like a each flower, each bloom, each Lily is different, so too are you.  And you too will bloom into the beautiful person you are in YOUR OWN time.

Happy New Year!

2015 is going to be AWESOME!!!!

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