Your Holiday Party Survival Guide

Your Holiday Party Survival Guide

There you are, another holiday party, another buffet of food.  The holiday music is playing and the usual suspects are in attendance:
  • The cheese plate or hot dip
  • The veggie and/or fruit plate
  • bacon wrapped goodness of some variety
  • endless chocolate desserts with a holiday cookie/cake/cupcake thrown in
  • enough alcohol to take it from a party to a rave
Add in pasta dishes, meat platters and various other dishes of indigestion and its no wonder we often feel yucky after all the holiday parties.

Funny thing is, we often go in with good intentions.

We’ll have a drink or two.  Celebrate and chat with friends or colleagues.  Choose more veggies and stay away from the chips, dip, pasta, fried foods, dessert, cheese….oh the cheese!

But as the drinks flow, and the conversation gets livelier, we start grabbing whatever is nearest us.  We rationalize it away.

Oh so and so is eating it and she’s thin.

I exercised today.

I ate well all day.  I deserve a little splurge.

I’m with friends.

Its only one.

Those may all be true on some level, but they’re also lies we tell ourselves to make us feel better.  Trouble is, within hours or even minutes, we feel worse.  Soon comes the bloating, the gas, the reflux, the indigestion, not to mention the hangover from both the alcohol AND the food the next day.

None of those things would be cause for too much worry if it wasn’t for the fact that very few of us go to just ONE holiday party.  There are usually several.  One for family.  One with friends.  One with work…for both of you.  One for the kids school.  You could easily fill each weekend of December with a holiday party of some sort.  Good-bye waistline!  Good-bye energy!  Good-bye feeling good and enjoying the holidays!

Holiday stress for Busy Women

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Here are 5 simple tips you can do to Survive Your Next Holiday Party and all the ones that follow.

  1. Drink 1 glass of water for each glass of alcohol
    • Not only will this prevent you from becoming dehydrated, but it will also reduce the “munchie” effects that come with drinking too much.  You know, that uncontrollable urge to eat everything in sight even though you know you shouldn’t.
  2. Eat something prior to going to the party
    • This I’m sure you’ve heard before and its with good reason.  It is hard to say NO when you’re hungry.  Its hard to realize when you’re full and not over eat when you’re hungry.  And just about ANYTHING is edible when you’re hungry.  So eat a small meal made up of a little protein and healthy fats.  It will tide you over, but sill leave you some room to enjoy the goodies you CHOOSE to eat.
  3. Carry a healthy snack with you
    • I’m not saying to bring a meal or something to share, but something you can stash in your purse or in the car.  A healthy option to fall back on when nothing at the party is healthy or appealing.  I often keep some mixed nuts, homemade granola or a protein bar.  Just knowing that I can sneak that in, makes me feel as thought I don’t “have” to eat what is offered if I don’t want to just because I’m hungry.  I have another option.
  4. Walk away
    • When chatting with friends, do so as far from the food and drinks as possible.  Its too easy to grab something thats right there when the conversation pauses, you get bored or everyone else is eating.  Having to get up and go get something to eat or another drink takes extra effort and most people will think twice.
  5. Splurge when its special
    • There are always those foods at parties that we look forward to eating.  Grandma’s 7 layer cake.  Your cousin’s peach sangria.  Your best friend’s spinach spanakopita.  The foods you wait all year to eat.  So enjoy them.  Don’t worry about it.  Its only an occasional thing.  But think twice when it comes to the grocery store bought cookies, the tray of apps warmed from a box or anything you could get any old time.  Its not worth the calories, the bloating or the late night heart burn.
So there you have it.  5 tips you can apply today and at any holiday event coming up.

Enjoy your holidays, the parties, the celebrations and leave feeling GREAT!

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