Want to DeStress, Head Outside This Fall

Want to DeStress, Head Outside This Fall

Its a cool, crisp fall like morning.  I’m exhausted.  The girls had me up all night.  Nothing major, just little kids who couldn’t sleep.  Add in that I’m stressed from moving, new work commitments and Jim having to travel more in the next couple of months than we had thought.  My mind is racing.  Sleep is hard to come by.

I lace on my sneakers, even though my mind is urging me to crawl back into bed.  But this is my time and really the only time I can get in a run, or ANYTHING, without a little one trying to be by my side.

The cool air hits my face as I open the door.  I zip up my sweatshirt a little higher and walk out the door.

The sun is just starting to rise.  The birds are chirping and the lights in neighboring homes are just starting to come on as the world around me wakes up.

I start off at a slow jog.  My body slowly waking, blood pumping, my breathing quickening with each step.

My mind starts to click off my daily to do list.  What do I need to do to get the kids out the door?  Did everyone do their homework?  Am I forgetting to sign some one’s permission slip?  Is today pizza day?  Don’t forget to call the babysitter so Jim and I can go out on a date night.

Thoughts turn to business….new blog posts to be written, meetings with local business owners about partnerships, Facebook groups, offerings, pricing…..gosh there is so much to do.  Its both frightening and exhilarating.  Things are starting to take off.  The sky is the limit.

10 minutes or so has passed and my run has hit its stride.  There’s no thinking.  I simply run.  My body knows how to do this.

That’s when it happens.  That moment when I’m lost in thought.  Consumed with things to come, rather than living in the moment.  An eagle cries overhead.

I turn to look in the direction the call came.  I catch a glimpse of the sun as it rises over the hills and bounces off the water of the reservoir.  I see the ducks as they gather to eat the moss near the bridge.  A fish jumps breaking the stillness of the water.  And still the eagle cries.

I look up to see that the trees are starting to turn colors.  Reds, yellows, oranges peak through the green leaves and evergreens.  Its quiet.  The occasional car breaking the silence of early morning.


God its good to be alive!  In that moment, I give thanks for the life I get to live.  I give thanks for a glorious morning, being able to run and enjoy it.  I give thanks for the eagle’s cries which snapped me out of my head to enjoy the moment, the beauty that surrounds me and the excitement of a new day and things not yet seen or done.

So often we get caught up in our own lives and the things we need to get done, to enjoy the moments we are living.  Our heads stuck in our iPhones, iPads, even our own thoughts and missing the glorious people and world around us.

Fall is a wonderful time of year.  Life around us is changing.  Preparing for a new season.  There is beauty in it.  Its a great time to get out and enjoy the life you’re working so hard for.  Take a moment.  Put down the electronics, leave your thoughts behind and get outside.


Go for a hike, a walk, a run, a bike ride.  Go pick apples, flowers, pumpkins.  Go alone, with family or a friend.  Or just sit outside with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and enjoy the changing season.

There is something about being outside that makes you reconnect with the world.  To see the beauty in the things around you.  The people around you.

The outdoors seems to recharge us.  Our bodies, our minds, our souls.  And with how fast paced our lives are now and how stuck in our to do lists and own heads we can be, being outside gives us a chance to slow down.  To appreciate all we have and all we’ve been given.  To come back, renewed.

As I headed back toward home, I caught a glimpse of him.  Circling over head.  Above the reservoir.  Catching the morning sun.  Looking for breakfast.  What a beautiful sight it is to see a bald eagle.  Thank you!


What a great way to start the day.

Now let me hear from you…..How do you enjoy the outdoors?  Do they energize you?  What are your favorite things to do outside on crisp, cool fall days?

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