Back to School Back Workout

Back to School Back Workout

School has been back in session for a month now and those heavy backpacks…or just the stress of getting your little one off to school all week, can take its toll on your back.  Here’s a workout that will help you to ease your back, shoulder and neck pain while toning your core, back and shoulders with stability, mobility and strengthening exercises.

If you have back, shoulder or neck pain or you just want to tone up those shoulders, back and tummy, this is the workout for you!

And if its been years since you’ve carried a heavy backpack….no worries, the average woman’s purse weighs 12lbs!!!!  Try lifting that day after day, year after year!  Yup!  This workout is for you!

So whether its a backpack, purse. groceries or a child, we women carry a lot on our backs and shoulders!  This workout will help you make sure they remain strong to carry you though life without neck, back or shoulder pain!

Back to School Back and Core Workout

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