How to Get More Results From Your Workouts

Change can be hard.  It doesn’t matter how seasoned we are at it either.  It always seem to be the little things that take us by surprise.


Over the last month, my family has been preparing for a huge change.  A move from Okinawa Japan to Worcester County Massachuseutts.  There have been ups and downs in the process.  Tears for leaving friends and treasured teachers behind, to the joy of seeing family and spending time with cousins.


As is the case in any move, you often throw things away as you pack things up.  Giving away things you’ve outgrown.  Throwing away things that are past their prime.  As a seasoned military wife who moves every 1-3 years, the act of packing up, getting rid of stuff and preparing for a move is nothing new.  I’d rather hold onto the memory, than the stuff.


However, there was one item this move that caught me off guard.  Even though it was old and needed to be replaced, my heart sank at the thought of throwing it away.




I had sat in this old chair to nurse each baby after coming home from the hospital.  I had found comfort in this chair after hard workouts or throwing my back out.  It had been with us since the beginning of our marriage and all the firsts in-between.  It was as much a part of our family as we were.


But the chair had seen better days.  It no longer functioned like a recliner.  The leather was giving out.  And after having been moved over 8 times, it never did quite go back together like it used to.  It was time for it to go.


So I cut a piece out of the back to save for memories and said my good-byes.




The same is true of our workouts.  Its easy to get stuck in a rut and to do the same workouts that first got us results. Why change something that had worked?


But that’s how we plateau.  We start to not see changes in our bodies.  Our runs don’t get faster or longer.  We don’t lose any more weight or inches.  Or worse, we get injured or bored.


To continue to see progress, we need change.  It challenges our bodies with new intensities, recruiting new muscles and new muscle patterns.  It awakens our brain and nerve connections to what our bodies are capable of accomplishing.  It reinvigorates our confidence in ourselves and our abilities to do things we didn’t think possible.


By changing, we become better than we were yesterday.


It doesn’t matter if we’re talking a move, a workout or a new way of preparing food.  Any change, while difficult and challenging and sometimes frightening at first, moves us forward to become the person we dream of being.


So as my family prepares to tackle the changes of moving, what changes will you make to your life, workout or eating habits to move you forward?


Comment below and let me know of the changes you’re going to be making.  You know I’ll be replying back with lots of encouragement and motivation to keep you going!

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