Will That Woman Be You?

Will That Woman Be You?

By Jocelyn Martin

Its November.  The month of Thanksgiving and I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s posts on Facebook stating what they’re thankful for that day.  Its wonderful to see all the blessing bestowed upon friends and family.

I keep waiting to see one post though.  One specific post.  The post from a woman that says she’s thankful for her body.  Not the supermodel, super skinny, perfectly lifted booty, six pack abs body thankful.  But the thankful for strong legs that carried me across a busy parking lot while carrying a cranky toddler.  The one that says, “I’m thankful for toned arms that are big enough to hug all my children at the same time so they know they’re all loved.”  The one that says, “I’m thankful for a strong, powerful, beautiful body that has helped me to cross finish lines, dance at weddings and swim in the ocean.”


As women we often talk negatively about our bodies.  What body part we wish was smaller, more toned, would disappear, was _______(insert your own desire).  We often don’t celebrate all the incredible things our bodies do on a daily basis.

There is nothing wrong with wanting something to be better.  That’s an incredible goal, desire and achievement to want and work toward something you want to change.  The difference lies in not needing to put down your current body to do so.

I hear it every day from clients.  Heck, I do it to myself each time I look in the mirror.  The image looking back at us, whether we’re a size 4 or 24 is the same.  One we’re often dissatisfied with and notice all of its imperfections.

I remember telling my mom, who had suggested I before a personal trainer well before I knew I would choose this profession, was that I wasn’t sure it was healthy for me to be so focused on the body.  That it would lead to a compulsion for body perfection.  I’m proud to confess the opposite is true.  Its made me love the human body and especially a woman’s body that much more.


You see when I see my clients I see, strong bodies who are capable of so much.  I see hips that carry small children.  I see abdominals that have changed with motherhood, but have brought loving, kind children into this world.  I see bodies of all shapes that move with grace and poise.  I see incredible women who are kind, giving, beautiful, powerful, strong, loving and courageous.

It pains me when I give them a compliment and I get a reply of “ya, but if….”  While that may be true, please know that you are beautiful right now.  And you should celebrate that incredibly capable body and all it can accomplish right now!

Our children and daughters, especially our daughters, are watching and more importantly, listening to what we do and say concerning our bodies.  They will learn to love or hate their body based on our actions and our words.  Teach them to love their body, no matter its size or shape, for what it is capable of doing.  For that is the best gift we can give them.


So I’ll continue to look at all the gratitude posts on Facebook for that one post.  The one posted by a woman who is thankful for the incredible body she has been given and can see its power today.  Will that woman be you?

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