What is the Best Diet for You?

What is the best diet for you?

Here’s my secret….it’s the one that works!

Get a group of women in a room and they will each have a different eating style, metabolism, family history, hormonal balance (no jokes any well meaning men, you know we hate it!), exercise habits, etc.

So no one diet is going to work for everyone. For all the low fat, low carb, high protein, vegan, Paleo…whatever style diet, you can find studies that support that style. Why? Because there is always a portion of the population that that diet will work for.

So how to dig through the confusion?

1. Use your common sense. If it recommends eliminating food groups, liquid only days, severe calorie restriction, etc it may not be a sensible plan.

Reality check: Could you see yourself eating this way for life?

2. Eat more organic, local and GMO free foods. The less altered the food is, the less unknown damage it can do to you body.

Reality check: If you’d eat it on a spoon plain, it’s good to be consumed by the body

Here’s a great article with more information on the best diet for you!


So let me hear it. Comment below. What diets have you tried? How did they work for you?

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