My Healthy Travel Pack to Beat The Airplane Bloat

I’m often asked what I take for snacks and food when I travel. Since we’re preparing for a loooooong plane ride back to the states in 11 days, I thought I’d share what I’m packing in a carry on for me and the family. 

I like to have variety when I travel, as well as things that can make meals as well as snacks. 


You’ll notice there are some treat things in there…Twizzlers, trail mix with M&Ms, etc. I believe traveling should always have an element of fun and I want to teach my children, as well as live by the rule myself, that if you’re eating well 80-90% of the time! it’s ok to have some “cheat” foods. Plus, as a mom, they prevent meltdowns!!!

The only thing missing is oatmeal packets that I make myself (small baggie of dried oatmeal, ground flax seed, raisens and nuts), that you can just add hot water to, as well as travel peanut butter packets.

But this is how we’ll travel.

In a few weeks, our travels will take us on the road and I’ll share with you then how I pack up for a road trip. It’s a bit different. So stay tuned!

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