My Favorite Go To Quick Breakfast

Breakfast is always a busy time at my house. Getting the oldest ready for school, myself for work and the endless “Mommy…” questions, time seems to fly by!

That’s why I love this breakfast option. Not only is it filling, keeping me full for hours, and satisfying to my taste buds, but it comes together in under 5 minutes! Score!

Eggs, Avocado and Salsa


2 eggs, scrambles or cooked to your liking

1/4 avocado, sliced, diced or mashed

2 tablespoon salsa

Salt and pepper to taste

Serve together!

You can also add veggies to the eggs (spinach, peppers, mushrooms) for another option and taste variation.

To eat without a fork, serve it over toast. Use the mashed avocado as the glue. It spreads just like buhtah!

For an on-the-go option, serve on a rice paper, whole wheat or tortilla wrap. Wrap the whole thing in wax paper, then slice. Breakfast to go! Yet make at home!

Or for a satisfying lunch, serve over a bed of salad greens.


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