How Do You Choose To Live Your Life?

The Choice is Yours

By Jocelyn Martin

I ran the Kinser Sprint Reverse Triathlon this morning.  And for anyone who has ever competed in a race of any distance, at some point during the race you have time to think.  As another female competitor in a bright pink jersey passed me on the bike, that was my time.

I couldn’t help but think about how we compete in a race is similar to how we engage in other situations in life.  You see as she passed me, I had two choices.  I could sit back, make excuses as to how I was feeling and let her get the upper advantage.  Or, I could laugh it off, give her credit for the good play and catching me off guard, put my pedal down and race on.  Which do you think I choose?

Of course!  I laughed it off, put a target on her back and reeled her in.  I caught her on the next hill.

As I thought more about it, that’s often how I approach life.  I might get caught off guard, get a little down, lose faith, but only for a moment.  I soon regroup, plan a new approach, give myself a little pep talk and set my next target.

You see anything you attempt, weight loss, a competition, a new business venture, etc, is all in how you approach it.  What is your mind set?  Are you thinking you’re going to win, succeed, lose the weight, or when faced with a set back, do you lose hope and let the competitor or opportunity pass you by?

After the race a friend asked me “I need to get faster.  How do I get faster?”  I told her, she enjoys the race and thats huge, but to be competitive, in life or in a race, you have to be uncomfortable.  Your muscles have to hurt.  You have to be a bit scared.  Then you have to push past that feeling.  Because you still have more to give.  Its that feeling of uncomfortable where change lies.  Where things that once seemed impossible, become possible.

So the choice is yours, how will you embrace your next challenge?  Will you let “her” pass you by when a challenge or obstacle comes up?  Or will you, laugh it off, regroup, give yourself a big old pep talk, place a target on “her” back and go after it?

I can tell you from personal experience, the second choice is much more satisfying!  She never did catch me after I passed her.  I was reinvigorated for the remainder of the race.  Placing “targets” on a person’s back just slightly in front of me.  Cheering on fellow competitors.  Giving pep talks as we raced.  And finishing strong.  Knowing I had this!

The choice is always yours!  Make it a good one!

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