Are You Ready to Fly?

Follow the Light and Fly

By Jocelyn Martin

Its funny how life works sometimes.  I often find that when looking for answers to a question or a problem I’m dealing with, life often sends me signs all over the place.  That’s been true for me this past week.

I enjoy listening to motivational speeches.  Watching motivational videos or movies that talk about a struggle and how someone worked hard to achieve what they were after.  They keep that fire in me stoked to work just a little bit harder to achieve the next goal I’m after.  They prove to me, that you can get knocked down and get back up and not only survive, but succeed!  There are so many lessons to be learned from motivational speeches, videos, books, movies.  From how one person overcame injury, to cross the finish line.  From how one person lost it all, only to be more successful than before.  From how one person lost the weight, gained it back, lost it again and kept it off.  There are so many stories out there that you can find inspiration from.  The motivation to keep going when things get tough.  I’ve been listening to a lot of those lately, and finding motivation in the strangest of places.

This weekend, my husband and I took our three girls to see the movie “The Croods”.  Its about this caveman family that does the same thing day in and day out.  Fear is good, it keeps us alive they say.  Change, exploration, the unknown is dangerous and to be avoided or as the father in the story says, “You’ll die!!!!”  The eldest daughter doesn’t believe this.  She believes that there is more to this life, her life, than habit, than normal, than the usual, than death.  She tries everything she can to break away from her family, her “normal” life and explore the unfamiliar.  But every time her family pulls her back in, warning her that curiosity = death!

I couldn’t help but think, while watching this film, how similar this is to our lives.  Sure, while change, exploration, curiosity don’t equal death and we all know that, we still “fear” change.  We still “fear” breaking from our habits.  We still “fear” doing something different.

And by fear, I don’t mean the same fear that we may have of spiders, snakes, riding a roller coaster, etc.  I mean those self limiting beliefs that you can’t really have the goal you’re after.  That voice in your head that says, you won’t really achieve what you want to achieve.  You know the one I’m talking about….the one that says, “Why would that diet work?  The others haven’t.”  or “I could never be a runner, swimmer, triathlete, tennis player, roller derby girl, etc” or “I’m not smart enough to do that.”  The “I can’t (insert your own reason here).”

The reality is, you can do so much more than you’re capable of if you would just believe that you could.  You were put here on this earth to be special, to achieve great things, to “experience” life, not just to live it.  Those self-limiting beliefs, the ones we think protect us from failing.  Making us feel that its ok to play it “safe” because then if we fail, well, we figured we would anyway, are not helping us at all!  They’re preventing us from living the life we were intended to live.  The life God wants us to live.

You see while its ok to “try” to do something.  Its better to “believe” you’ll do something.  If you “try” to do something, its ok to give up if you never achieve it, to throw in the towel before you’ve seen it completely through, to give in just when you’re about to see results.  But if you “believe” in something, you’ll keep going even when you fall, even when you’re not quite seeing results yet, even when things get tough.  Because that’s when things change.  That’s when success happens.  That’s when goals are achieved.  That’s why we find motivational speeches, videos or movies so uplifting.  People, just like you and I, achieve things even when things get hard, even when they doubt it can be done, even when the world/family/friends say they won’t, because they believe they can, that they will succeed and they find a way to get it done.

Its the reason professional athletes use visualization techniques to get through races.  They don’t just visualize the race, but they visualize the finish, the podium, the cheers, the awards.  The same reason successful business people can fail, overcome bankruptcy and still be wildly successful.  (Heck, Donald Trump failed numberous times and filed bankruptcy more than once!  And no one would dare call him unsuccessful or a failure!)  They visualize themselves as a success, even though others, life, the world would call them a failure.  They don’t “label” themselves as a failure.  They may have failed, but THEY are not a failure.

The Croods movie ends with the family following the eldest daughter’s lead.  They embrace change, the unfamilier, curiosity to survive.  They go to the edge of the cliff and as the father puts it, they “follow the light and fly.”

We all have an inner light.  We all have the ability to fly.  We all can achieve our goals, our dreams.  They may not come in the fashion we want.  They may not come easily or without challenge or setbacks, or even failure.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t achieve them.  It just means that we need to “Look to the light and fly.”  To find another path, to try again, to brush off our self-limiting beliefs, our doubt.  To ignore the naysayers, be they family, friends, co-workers, etc and believe that you are capable, worthy and placed here on earth to LIVE the only life YOU can live!

So I challenge you to leave the self-doubt behind.  Ignore the self-limiting beliefs.  Set a goal, be it weight loss, success, a race, etc.  Step to the edge of the cliff, Your cliff where doubt, fear, excuses, those self-limiting beliefs of yours and others tells you that you won’t be able to achieve “it”.  And follow the light.  The light that says you can, you will, you deserve this.  Then, enjoy the flight.  The incredible, wonderful life that you will experience when you believe you can achieve a goal,  go after it and  achieve it.

Step off that cliff, now, follow the light…and fly!  I can’t wait to see your journey!

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